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January 26, 2024

Strategic expansion and reorganisation

EAV Group is pleased to announce a significant expansion and restructuring of its leadership. We welcome Christoph Keller as the new Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer, along with forming a Commercial Leadership Board and critical appointments in financial and marketing roles. This strategic realignment positions EAV Group for continued growth and excellence.

EAV Group is pleased to unveil a strategic evolution in our organisational structure to bolster our leadership and enhance operational efficiency. This transformation includes the introduction of pivotal roles and the reorganisation of our Group Leadership Team.

We welcome Christoph Keller as our new Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Keller, a seasoned leader with a proven track record, will also join the Board of Directors, bringing a wealth of experience to this critical position. In his dual capacity, he will continue to steer Audio Pro as Managing Director, ensuring a seamless integration of strategies across the group.

Armin Luczkowski, a key figure in our organisation, will maintain his influential role as the Managing Director of EAV Group. In his expanded role as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Luczkowski will oversee operational excellence, underpinning our commitment to delivering outstanding results and driving innovation.

We are establishing a new "Commercial Leadership Board" to fortify our leadership dynamics. This board will comprise distinguished leaders Andy Lewis, Christian Kraska, and Christoph Keller, each bringing unique insights and strategic direction to our commercial endeavours.

Furthering our commitment to robust financial management and innovative marketing strategies, we are excited to appoint Wolfgang Merk as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Reza Dinally as our Group Marketing Director. Their expertise will be instrumental in guiding EAV Group towards fiscal stability and market prominence.

These strategic appointments and organisational enhancements mark a significant milestone in EAV Group's journey. We are poised for a future of sustained growth, operational excellence, and continued commitment to our values of innovation and customer-centricity. With this strengthened leadership team, EAV Group reaffirms its position in the AV industry, ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities.

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