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November 4, 2023

Audiologic wins ‘Distributor of the Year’ 2023

EAV Group acquired Audiologic in 2022, a UK based value add distributor, and we would like to congratulate them on their recent “Distributor of the Year '' award win, at this year's AV Magazine AV Awards.

In the dynamic world of audio-visual technology, triumph belongs to those who consistently raise the bar. Audiologic, an EAV Group company acquired in 2022, proudly emerges as the recipient of the industry acclaimed AV Award for Distributor of the Year 2023. This prestigious award reinforces Audiologic's dedication to excellence and innovation in the audio-visual industry.

EAV Group acquired Audiologic based upon shared vision and alignment of values between our two companies, but Audiologic is central to this success story and is a key player within the EAV Group portfolio.

As a distributor, Audiologic has consistently led the charge in providing state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions that cater to the diverse needs of its clients. With a diverse portfolio of brands, tailored solutions, technical expertise, comprehensive support, Audiologic continues to stand out in the industry.

What distinguishes EAV Group and Audiologic is not just their commitment to innovation but their agility in adapting to the ever-changing AV technology landscape. In an era of rapid advancements, EAV Group has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront, ensuring that clients have access to the latest and most advanced audio-visual solutions.

One of Audiologic's notable strengths is its focus on its people. The company places its team members at the forefront, recognising that their knowledge and expertise amplify the brand equity of the entire organisation. By sharing their expertise with customers through various platforms, Audiologic creates a culture of learning and collaboration.

Audiologic maintains a healthy mix of team members, combining young professionals on a trajectory towards future leadership roles with industry veterans. This diverse blend of experience ensures a dynamic and vibrant work environment. Younger team members benefit from the guidance and mentorship of seasoned professionals, while industry veterans are invigorated by the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas brought by the younger generation. This mix fosters personal development and continued motivation within the team.

In terms of gender diversity, Audiologic stands out from the competition with its well-balanced gender mix. The company takes pride in its inclusive workplace, with 56% men and 44% women, including a noteworthy 50% split of women in engineering roles. This gender parity demonstrates Audiologic's commitment to providing equal opportunities and fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives and talents.

Audiologic actively promotes inclusivity and diversity through various initiatives. For instance, the company celebrates International Women's Day by organising events and workshops. One notable event is the Celebrating Women in Audio workshop, where Audiologic's own Anna Shahin leads the Dante training. This event not only acknowledges and supports women in the audio industry but also highlights Audiologic's commitment to empowering its employees and creating opportunities for their professional growth.

By prioritising its people, fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, and providing opportunities for personal and professional development, Audiologic strives to be a fantastic place to work. The company's dedication to its employees aligns with its overall goal of delivering exceptional products and services to its customers in the AV industry.

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The AV Awards represent the pinnacle of industry recognition, celebrating excellence across various categories. Audiologic's win as Distributor of the Year is a significant achievement, spotlighting the company's influence and impact in the industry.

As Audiologic, an EAV Group company, revels in the glory of this well-deserved victory, it is evident that their journey is far from over. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction, Audiologic is poised to continue shaping the future of the audio-visual industry. Congratulations Audiologic.

About Audiologic

Audiologic has led the market in recent years providing innovative audiovisual services to enhance the visitor experience in public spaces and large venues. Founded in 2004, the Company is a highly respected UK-based solutions provider for world-leading manufacturers of audio equipment known for their high standards of performance, flexibility and reliability. Audiologic pays close attention to all innovations and developments within the industry in order to maintain its comprehensive knowledge base for superior technical support throughout - with the very highest standards of customer service an absolute priority.

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