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September 16, 2022

Create the world you want

Pro Systems designs and integrates tailor-made, end-to-end solutions with proven technologies. Their driven Team members always aspire to perfection whilst detailing every part of the process of achieving their clients' demands. But there is more than their abundance of knowledge and experience in Virtual Reality & Simulation.

Pro Systems are the founders of iXfinity. What is iXfinity, you may ask?
The iXfinity Room is a seamless and unique integration of premium hardware technologies designed for multiple software platforms, which Pro Systems integrates into any office environment due to its scalability offering various shapes and sizes. It serves the purpose of sales presentations, HR programs, Design-thinking workshops, employee onboarding or interactive storytelling, to name a few. So the main objective is to immerse users in a shared, inspiring audiovisual experience, to review, educate, simulate, develop or relay a corporate or marketing message most engagingly.


iXfinity is a flexible cross-platform solution that works with various software applications and content, like your prefered software and tools you use daily. It lets you visualise all information and data or allows your surroundings to be the canvas for all your ideas. It integrates Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other video conference platforms, which are accessible and easily controlled with the iXfinity launcher software and can be operated intuitively with tablets, touch tables or wall control panels. The possibilities an iXfinity room delivers are almost endless and let you communicate and interact with digital content in the format you like.

Each iXfinity Room relies on premium hardware technologies and equipment to achieve a high-end result. The entire configuration gets monitored and serviced remotely through a clear, structured and well-organised dashboard which will notice you preventively when events might lead to a system malfunction.

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Who is iXfinity for?

For everyone! With the iXfinity room, you can get started with spectacular sales presentations, 360° simulated training scenarios, data visualisation, 360° interactive tours, design-oriented education, 360° design review or product introductions. The immersive nature of the room takes you into an experience you will never forget. And neither does the message.

Do you want to learn more about iXfinity and where you can use it in your project? Contact Pro Systems. They're happy to assist and guide you through the comprehensive features iXfinity offers.

About Pro Systems

Pro Systems International is a leader in supplying integrated display solutions for Simulation, Virtual Reality, Immersive Experience Rooms and Experience Centres. Pro Systems offers over two decades of experience designing, providing and supporting specific solutions within these markets. An experienced and highly trained team accompanies and supports all projects to guarantee the highest quality at all times. Pro Systems is a Dutch company based in Purmerend, northeast of Amsterdam.

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